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Bear Plush Kikinha Princess Bliss - Rosa

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Ursinha of the dreams of any girl. Delicate and romantic delights any age. Ideal gift to decorate a baby room as well cuddly. Perfect to be used in the decoration of parties and baby shower.

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Product Information


Ursinha plush very fluffy to the touch, perfect to delight the most beautiful rooms of babies.
Recommended for all ages.
Plush made within the standards of the technical rules on safety of toys, as required by the brazilian government, ensuring that this product is safe for children of any age.
The support that keeps she standup is sold separately.
Crown not removable.

439 2
Bear Plush Kikinha Princess Bliss - Rosa
Height 49 cm
Width 25 cm
Depth 20 cm
Seated 32 cm height
Approximate weight 0,800 Kg.
Accessory Crown, non-removable
Plush 100% polyester
Clothing 100% polyester
Filling 100% Polyester
Certificate CE BRI/INOR - N 00889-15
Age range from 3 months
Bar code 7898513759569
SAC contato@silviapolito.com.br
Customer service 11. 4581 8929
Warning The photos are for illustration purposes only. The colors of the product may suffer changes in the exposed images.
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