Wvinnm 845 1 quadro lhama
Wvinnm 845 1 quadro lhama

Frame Llama - Off White

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Super cute and fun frame with the beloved Llama. Colored in soft shades to decorate in a way playful parties or children's rooms.

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The llama is an animal fun and loved by children. This colourful frame will rock in decorations, modern and colorful.

Wvinnm 845 1 quadro lhama
Frame Llama - Off White
Time frame 50 cm
Width frame 42 cm
Depth of head 26 cm
Weight 1,834 Kg
Llama 100% polyester
Frame MDF lacquer in two shades of green.
Bar code 7898513759460
SAC contato@silviapolito.com.br
Customer service 11. 4581 8929/ 11.99212 9196
Warning The photos are for illustration purposes only. The colors of the product may suffer changes in the exposed images.
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