Rn35be 842 2 lhama de pelucia rosa
Rn35be 842 2 lhama de pelucia rosa
8fpg6e 842 1 lhama de pelucia rosa

Llama Plush Pink - Rosa

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This llama plush will start sighs. This animal friendly, and genius is one of the most beloved of the animal world. With poncho in pink, colorful flowers, pom-poms and pendants colorful she will rock the hearts and conquer the kids.

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Product Information


The llama is an animal fun and dear in the modern decorations. Delicate and colorful, this theme has won fans of all ages.
Our cuteness has to look sweet and gentle with the face of a sloth and touch your soft, so that children can play and if aconchegarem.
Developed within the standards of the brazilian technical norms safety of toys and accredited by competent bodies, ensuring that this product is safe for all children from 3 months to handle it and play preserving their physical and moral integrity.

Rn35be 842 2 lhama de pelucia rosa
Llama Plush Pink - Rosa
Certification safety CE-BRI/BRICS 00824-18 NM 300/2002 OCP 0098
Age range from 3 months
Bar code 7898630261754
Height 49 cm
Width 30 cm
Depth 15 cm
Weight 0,400 Kg
Plush 100% polyester
Filling 100% polyester
Poncho 100% polyester
SAC contato@silviapolito.com.br
Customer service 11. 4581 8929/ 11.99212 9196
Warning The photos are for illustration purposes only. The colors of the product may suffer changes in the exposed images.
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